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[Australians] MALAYA 1941 (Singleplayer Map)

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[Australians] MALAYA 1941 (Singleplayer Map)

Mensaje  Compañia el Dom 28 Jul - 1:41:17

To get new skins remove all other mods. (1941) December 11-The Japanese launch a battle to seize Jitra, rushing tank and artillery reinforcements down from Singora. In the late afternoon a sudden Japanese tank charge into British defences north of the town. British troops in Jitra are ordered to retreat south of the township.

December 7-8 - The Japanese begin their battle for Singapore. In the evening, Japanese forces land on the east coast of South Thailand and North Malaya as part of an invasion on simultaneous fronts. At 10pm three Japanese transports land on Sabak-Badang Beach in Kota Bharu and started putting ashore more than twelve thousand men. By 1am, after about an hour fighting, the Japanese assault wave is established on the beachhead. Simultaneously, 16 transports were stood off the Siamese coast preparing to land the first wave of the Japanese 5th Division at Singora and Patani. On December 8, 1941 at 5.20am, Lt-Gen Tomoyuki Yamashita, Commander-in-Chief of the invading Japanese 25th Army, came ashore at Singora with his Japanese troops. The landings at Singora and Patani were unopposed and beach-heads were easily established. By 1.00pm Yamashita reached a compromise agreement with the neutral Siamese Government. At 11.00pm formalities were completed to allow Japanese forces to pass through Siam.


How to install my Mod:

1) Unzip.
2) To install it, just put the folders in:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\men of war assault squad\mods
or C:\Program Files\1C Company\men of war assault squad\mods

Then  you've to go in option.
2) Mod.
3) apply the Mod (dont forget to remove all the other mods) and then my Mod will appear in the skirmish menu.



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