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[Japan] Biak Island Version 1.04 (Skirmish Missions)

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[Japan] Biak Island Version 1.04 (Skirmish Missions)

Mensaje  Compañia el Jue 1 Ago - 2:09:15

Japan vs UK & USA

Brand new map! 1944, Biak Island, New Guinea, Operation Kon.
You are in charge of japaniese forces with orders to drive UK & Americans from the island. Wipe out UK forces defending the island and survive various American counter attacks in the jungle. Various sub objectives including taking on Churchil AVRE and its radio spotter late in the mission. Prepare yourself for variety of UK armor and repell American forces. Various improvements in script with regard how some of the enemy armor is spawned without need to be all preloaded at start of the mission. Highly improved recrew script for ai especially for mg/at guns to make sure there are no stupid things like sniper recrewing mg or soldiers running across map to recrew at gun. Improved ai logic in cases such as sniper, sniper will act a lot more like a sniper now should on ai side. Enjoy and good luck.

Difficulty levels affect player money, health values, uk reinforcements, however usa counter attacks remain same across all difficulties so plan accordingly.

mediafire.com ?x409j5k3pww34uh



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