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New planes for Mow Assault Squad

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New planes for Mow Assault Squad

Mensaje  Compañia el Mar 6 Ago - 0:12:18

I've started to work on new planes for MowAS with various historical skins for each plane.
I work on static planes (not flyables yet) for map designers but i hope to increase my skills to propose flyable planes for the release of this mod..

3d models i've hope to put in this mod:
US: F4U4 Corsair, Dauntless, B17E, P40, C47 Skytrain, P38 Lightning, FAF Hellcat, P47 Thunderbold
British: Spitfire MkI, Hurricane, Lancaster, gladiator, Mosquito, Tempest, Lancaster (and maybe Halifax, Vickers Wellington and Swordwish)
Japan: Aichi VAL, B5N2, Mitsubishi betty, Kawanishi_Type_97
Germany: Me109E & G6, Ju87 Stuka, Ju88 & Do17Z, Fw190A, Fw190D Dora, He111, He129, He219 Uhu, Me262, Condor, Me110,  V1 air bomb, V2 rocket.
Russians: LA5, Policarpov I16, IL2-2, Mig3
Italia: Fiat CR42, G50, Macchi C205V, SM79

In Red color, the static planes already done. As a lot of players asked flyable planes (it's more job and time), and my free time is very limited because of my real work, so the first release will probably be end of 2013..

Special thanks to:
- Zlatorog, who sent me his Ca101 3DSmax model as example, and had taken his time to explain me how work damages, volumes in game and good scripts infos.
- Attila1945 who worked on the animation of my Spifire model, and will be flyable in game
- Normand (for many tips and gave me a 3DSmax file example)
- Cromtec (for his tutos and the time he pass to explain me a lot of things),
- Zeke Wolf and GeneralJ627 (for their support and help on DMS forums),
I want also to thanks all the Mow gamers community, who support this mod from the start and those who sent me very positive messages..

mediafire.com download/6afabzmcyruoyeh/airborne.rar

How to install Mod:

Copy this mod folder in your mod folder (example for Carpiquet mod):
C:\Program Files\Steam2\SteamApps\common\men of war assault squad\mods\Carpiquet\resource\entity\-vehicle\airborne



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