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Actualización 3.100.0

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Actualización 3.100.0 Empty Actualización 3.100.0

Mensaje  SVT*Farkas el Mar 17 Feb - 16:13:37


-Sistema de veteranía para las tropas, son mejores cuanto mas matan y por lo tanto sobreviven.
-Abastecimiento automático
-Mejora de rendimiento en equipos mas antiguos
-Nuevos indicadores para todo
-Nuevo sistema de "autocuracíón" para todos
-Modo espectador y repeticiones
-Varias mejoras de rendimiento y solución de errores
-Cambio en algunos precios y características de unidades
-Posibilidad de meter bots en las multiplayer

¿Que pensáis de los cambios? Yo creo que el juego ha sido cambiado de arriba abajo, dejando muy claro que la experiencia de las tropas va a ser fundamental.

LOG COMPLETO (Esta en hereje, pero es que es muy largo como para traducirlo):
Patch 10 [beta]


• Added DX10.1 support
• Added unit veterancy system based on score and abilities
• Added texture memory usage limit of 1024mb for 32bit application
• Added Lua API and LuaBridge wrapper
• Added load and execute LUA script on initialization
• Added async texture loader
• Added async texture unloader
• Added fuel bar and supplies bar hint
• Added autorifle icon
• Added assault rifle icon
• Added sniper kill icon to event history
• Added equipment weight to stamina hint
• Added that all squad icons from enemy and ally are visible in spectator/replay
• Added that crew affects vehicle secondary weapon accuracy based on weapon skill
• Added auto-resupply to ammo boxes and ammo trucks
• Added button (enable/disable auto-resupply) to control panel
• Added auto-resupply disabled squad icon
• Added vehicle skill modifier for small arms
• Added transperancy to health bars
• Added smaller waypoints
• Added selected unit white silhouette, ally non-AI units green silhouettes
• Added ammo bar above fuel bar for supply trucks
• Added weapon skill to vehicle mgun (based on crew level)
• Added supplies value to supply trucks/boxes
• Added icon to not viewed tutorials
• Added save viewed tutorials in player profile
• Added re-supply limit to supply zone extender
• Added dither to silhouettes
• Added ability health regeneration
• Added stamina regeneration hint
• Added comments to human.ext
• Added sound on player joins lobby
• Added default health parameters to human.ext
• Added stamina ability (ger/rifle as example)
• Added healing by medkits to health regeneration hint
• Added max sound distance
• Added browser dialog class (base class for all browser dialogs)
• Added new youtube-player dialog
• Added scrolling to browser dialogs
• Added html dialog to stream html content
• Added tutorial categories + video display over new html dialog
• Added constant for minimal fps to trigger Reduce Video Quality
• Added new Steam SDK 1.31.
• Added new mowas_2_workshop.exe to work with new steam_api.dll
• Added tutorials page
• Added health per minute regeneration to health bar tool-tip
• Added weapon skill to veterancy hint
• Added level up weapon skills based on veterancy level
• Added additional LOD definition file for manual control
• Added snow localization
• Added snow to terrain types
• Added terrain icon to vehicle panel
• Added health regeneration hint
• Added health regeneration to veterancy
• Added stunned indicator to vehicle bar if crew is stunned (on crew injured)
• Added hovering on tank blueprint should highlight image like it does for infantry
• Added graphics adapter switch support
• Added % to crew efficiency hint
• Added scroll buttons to message history
• Added crew ability hint
• Added vehicle veterancy hints
• Added vehicle abilities to veterancy
• Added crew ability affects tank/vehicle/cannon accuracy
• Added calculate reload time based on crew ability
• Added terrain hint too speed text + localization
• Added speed and vehicle ability to vehicle panel interface
• Added units selection ability for spectators
• Added split XP evenly for every crew member
• Added veterancy icons to squad icons
• Added mouse hover on veterancy text
• Added stamina to veterancy perks
• Added level up fx icon above soldiers heads
• Added workshop download progress to game log
• Changed soldier to senseless on throw_off (if _dieAfterThrow is enabled) to prevent health regeneration before soldier dies finally
• Changed to only auto-resupply if mission is started (in editor)
• Changed auto-resupply to be disabled while truck is moving
• Changed auto-resupply to be disabled if vehicle crew is not in same team
• Changed some variable names in human.ext
• Changed folder.set "maxdistance" "mindistance" and "distance" parameter to use meter
• Changed order of displaying build info
• Changed energy to stamina
• Changed fog of war option to be enabled in editor
• Changed hint for veterancy and stamina
• Changed use average vehicle ability based on whole crew
• Changed workshop download callback
• Changed infantry icon pop-ups to be clearer and less confusing
• Improved panel control .set files
• Increased amount of bandages for home guard from 2 to 3
• Increased ammo of t-34/85
• Increased ammo of t-34/76 early
• Increased re-load time of 40mm bofors from 0.5 sec to 1.0 sec
• Increased medium accuracy in motion slightly
• Increased high accuracy in motion (effects mostly US built tanks)
• Reduced car body damage hitpoints from 100 to 75
• Reduced accuracy penalty for machine guns on full burst from 50% to 67.5%
• Reduced range of KV-2 from 200m to 180m
• Removed center on active unit camera switch
• Removed actor vitality extender properties from editor
• Removed power ability
• Removed hard-coded max level for weapons
• Removed unused stamina ability and .set
• Removed fog of war option in options menu
• Fixed ready button highlight
• Fixed Veteran Tiger fuel
• Fixed aiming tolerance of 37mm K-61
• Fixed wrong accuracy in motion of M18 Hell Cat
• Fixed wrong accuracy in motion of M24
• Fixed ammo refill fx on every inventory exchange
• Fixed if a soldier dies, health bar must go to 0 always
• Fixed stop bazooka reload on move
• Fixed issue with unreleased resource
• Fixed localization in units tab
• Fixed disable achievements with mods enabled or editor running
• Fixed memory leaks in registry node
• Fixed memory leaks in Steam News dialog
• Fixed memory leaks in replay page
• Fixed memory leaks on shader compile
• Fixed memory leaks on scene clipper visualizer
• Fixed crash in session lobby screen
• Fixed crash on session invite
• Fixed crash when user does not have map used in replay
• Fixed crash on UGCDownload when failed to allocate temp file
• Fixed crash on session autojoin
• Fixed crash in session lobby
• Fixed crash in eButtonActor
• Fixed crash in eManualControlIconDlg


• Added temporal slots in lobby
• Added spectators for regular games
• Added multiplayer game hints in mid of screen "tank repaired", "losing", "winning"
• Added event history dialog
• Added fade out to event log
• Added icons to event log
• Added support for custom unitsets in games
• Added charge factor parameter for custom presets
• Added don't play sounds unless map is finished loading/starting in multiplayer for everyone
• Added flag captured/lost message to kill log
• Added tooltip to event history
• Added event history scrolling
• Added sort by for session list
• Added test mode to standard settings
• Added spectator flag icon
• Added context menu in replay page
• Added replays rename functionality
• Added basic functionality for multiplayer bots (DLC)
• Added multiplayer bots selection in session lobby (beta only)
• Added replay duration display in replay lobby
• Added arrow button for session grid column headers (sort by)
• Added 6v6 option in multiplayer
• Changed test mode mod to a template mod
• Changed event log 5px to the right
• Changed event log order
• Changed event log message display time to 10 sec
• Changed to local time instead of UTC for replays
• Changed selected and manual control squad icons for spectator
• Changed game chat interface
• Changed message history to open when chatting
• Improved replay page UI
• Increased price of Dodge WC 55 from 220 MP to 250 MP
• Reduced price of japanese elite marksmen from 130 MP to 115 MP
• Reduced price of Bofors from 300 MP to 275 MP
• Reduced price of 200mm rocket artillery from 5SP to 4SP
• Removed networking option from the session setup
• Removed xfire support
• Fixed default selected item in the replays screen
• Fixed switching teams on pause in replays
• Fixed multiple players could join full session
• Fixed player names in lobby chat
• Fixed non-latin character display in replay team info dialog
• Fixed incorrect time calculation for 'great' trust rank and fresh stats
• Fixed wrong rank display in statistics screen
• Fixed missing mod info in session list
• Fixed keep spectators after switching between normal and advanced mode
• Fixed update game end time on early exit
• Fixed disable unit rotation drag for spectators
• Fixed direct control icon issue, spectator icon type for user/ally, unit selection in direct control
• Fixed missing separator in filter when filter value is empty


• Added simple stat collecting to singleplayer
• Fixed russian tank commander broken squad icon in assault skirmishes

Actualización 3.100.0 Firma_13

Actualización 3.100.0 Firma_12


Cantidad de envíos : 93
Fecha de inscripción : 12/01/2015
Edad : 34

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Actualización 3.100.0 Empty R:Actualización 3.100.0

Mensaje  Alcoleus el Mar 17 Feb - 18:30:09

Eso es cuetion de practica para aguantar todas las tropas y las unidades de blindaje, ya no se podrá hacer los ataques tipo Alcoleus Very Happy


Cantidad de envíos : 14
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Localización : ANDALUCIA

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Actualización 3.100.0 Empty Primeras impresiones

Mensaje  SVT*Farkas el Miér 18 Feb - 9:08:50

Primeras impresiones del parche:

-Los tiempos de carga, los veo reducidos, como poco incrementados. Es un parche MUY gordo y yo creo que tienen que meterle mano para pulirlo mas.

-Graficamente a mi se me ve igual.

-Creo que sigue siendo un juego que depende muchisimo del PC de los jugadores, y eso es algo que lo ralentiza en exceso. No puede ser que como ayer, en una partida de 8, el PC de Alcoleus lastre una partida entera o que al yo tener problemas de conexión ayer no pudiera crear partida. Y esto es por que no hay servidores dedicados, si no que el que abre la partida hace de servidor, hasta que eso no cambie...estamos jodidos.

-La lentitud que ví en el juego creo que se debe al punto anterior.

-No probé la recarga automática, pero por lo que decía Frandras funciona como un tiro

-Lo de que los soldados ganen experiencia...un puntazo, tuve un par de soldados de élite en primera linea toda la partida, llegando a las tres estrellas...y al final de la partida eran Rambonov y Van Dammov, putas máquinas de matar.

-Por lo demás pocos cambios más, lo típico, que han quitado los pajaritos en la carga, que no se escucha lo que viene bajo la niebla enemiga, algún color de alguna cosa y poco mas.

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Actualización 3.100.0 Firma_13

Actualización 3.100.0 Firma_12


Cantidad de envíos : 93
Fecha de inscripción : 12/01/2015
Edad : 34

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Actualización 3.100.0 Empty Re: Actualización 3.100.0

Mensaje  Contenido patrocinado

Contenido patrocinado

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