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Anti-Japanese Mod

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Anti-Japanese Mod

Mensaje  Compañia el Lun 23 Sep - 22:30:43

The Eighth Route Army (simplified Chinese: 八路军; traditional Chinese: 八路军; ) was a unit of the National Revolutionary Army of the Republic of China. In contrast to most of the National Revolutionary Army, it was controlled by the Communist Party of China and not the ruling Kuomintang. The Eighth Route Army was one of the main military forces of the Communist Party of China, active during the Chinese Civil War and the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Communist Party of China's political leader was Mao Zedong, and their military leader was legendary communist general Zhu De. The communists' Red Army (later the People's Liberation Army) had first been "formed" in 1927 when the Nationalist 27th Division mutinied. After ten years of fighting, though, in 1937, Japan invaded China proper. To counter this threat, the Communists and Nationalists formed the United Front. Most Communist forces wore either Nationalist uniforms or civilian clothes.


How to install Mod:

1) Unzip.
2) To install it, just put the folders in:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\men of war assault squad\mods
or C:\Program Files\1C Company\men of war assault squad\mods

Then  you've to go in option.
2) Mod.
3) apply the Mod (dont forget to remove all the other mods) and then my Mod will appear in the skirmish menu.



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